Social Media

I deal a fair bit with Twitter and Facebook at work and am pretty good at interacting with followers and entertaining people, but have never given it a go on a personal level.

Blogging is like a whole new world. I start them, make one post & end them faster than I can blink!

Today I went to my first cricket match (and likely last) at Lords Cricket Ground in London, arguably the most famous in the world. Oxford was playing Cambridge. Sounds like a big match-up eh? Well there were only a handful of people there– a couple hundred.

I went in knowing absolutely nothing and came out understanding! For the record, IT’S NOT LIKE BASEBALL and is far to slow for my liking, but certainly a worthwhile experience!

Still waiting on the match results as I left early. GO CAMBRIDGE! For ten quid and only 20 minutes travel, why not?!

As for the food, I had an over-priced under-taste moderately-portioned chicken and ham pie. Options were limited and it was freezing cold, so pies were the only hot food option. For 5 pounds, it should at least have come with some bloody mash. It would hardly qualify as a quality, hearty meal….especially for a foodie like me!

Pictures to come courtesy of Fred, my crazy Australian classmate!


~ by wanderlust1011 on June 16, 2012.

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