Euro 2012

I love picking a team to win and getting upset or overjoyed based on the outcome, even when I don’t have a clue about the sport or a care in the world what the end results are!

That’s basically my view towards Euro 2012. I would never say that I am a huge football (soccer) supporter but let me tell ya….the fans really make or break it when it comes to sports. My polish friend took me to the Aussie bar to watch POLSKA v Czech Republic and just the sheer tension in the air and raw emotions after her team lost reminded me of why I am a sports fan. The passion, excitement, disappointment, relief, sadness, thrill, happiness, etc. that can be generated from watching a bunch of people you don’t know compete head to head is totally unjustifiable and yet so powerful and comforting at the same time.

How can we possibly become so attached to a game. Maybe it’s the movements, the willingness of players to put their bodies on the line for a title, the roar of the crowd. Whatever it is, people (well at least the ones I hang out with) keep coming back! And no matter where you are from, your country ‘has the best fans in the world’, and I TOTALLY believe that’s true! Sports make the impossible and the false true and justifiable in the mind of it’s fans. It’s not necessarily right or wrong but it happens and I like it at the moment.

That’s certainly not to say there aren’t cover-ups, lies, cheats, etc. in sports. But that is everywhere in every part of the world. I’m sorry if I am still a fan despite it’s flaws like steroids and match-fixing and so on. But everywhere I look there are people scamming each other and taking shortcuts. So please allow me to retreat to my little bubble and feel comfortable in loving sport to the fullest despite the problems it faces.

I still believe the beauty of sport outweighs its imperfections, just like I do with my view on the world. If there was no controversy, there would be no passion or drive to improve.


~ by wanderlust1011 on June 19, 2012.

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