London 2012

The Olympics have come and gone but I am still buzzing just thinking about the surreal two weeks that just consumed my life. The initial disappointment in the opening ceremony was enhanced upon entering the Olympic Park, drenched from head to toe in typical London fashion. Grumpy and grouchy, it seemed unlikely that London 2012 would redeem itself. I was wrong.

The Copper Box, laden with bright pink and blue decor, gave me my first true taste of what was to come. All at once the intense reality struck: I was about to watch the best athletes on earth. Country flags hung still from the ceiling, fans scrambled to their seats and I was stopped in time, in awe of my surroundings. Mixed emotions struck me: jealousy (I have always wanted to be good at sport), greed (do I really deserve to be in this magical atmosphere?) and most of all excitement (I dream to watch sport every second of every day).

Watching handball, which is seldom mentioned in the United States, and re-learning the rules gave me a new appreciation for sport. There are so many options, each with their own unique physical and mental demands. Perfecting the trade takes time, dedication, devotion, discipline and sacrifices, and comes at the cost of uncertainty. Achieving the ultimate goal of winning gold makes the struggle and pursuit worthwhile,while losing can cause devastation. The same is true outside of sport. But if we don’t try in the first place, we are choosing failure.

London 2012 went beyond watching the sports. It was a time consuming, energy sucking distraction. In the office, concentration faltered, deadlines were nearly missed and minds wandered. Late nights out celebrating led to random encounters with Olympians, crazy adventures with friends and story making. Staying awake for 36 straight hours, wandering through Central London until 7am, singing Barbara Streisand while lost on the streets and being a part of history are moments that cannot be replaced.

The games may be over but I expect the chatter will linger and London 2012 will be frozen in time forever. See you in Rio 2016.

Tonight, we are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
Than the sun



~ by wanderlust1011 on August 13, 2012.

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