2013 in sports

Happy New Year!

The only way to move is up for my sports teams this year. The Yankees had a disastrous collapse at the end of the season, the Jets tried to do this whole Tim Tebow thing and he got as many wildcat plays the whole season as expected for each individual game. Arsenal’s not much better. Did they really just draw with bottom of the table Southampton? I guess I have to put all my eggs in the ‘Cuse hoops basket since they are 13-1! Bring it on March Madness!

Anyway, looking at the 2013 baseball season, it’s hard to see what the Yankees have going for them. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Yankees fan til death do us part, but the fact that we are sold on having half our lineup made up with late 30 – early 40 year old injured guys is just worrying. And the fact that Toronto just bought half the good players available, makes the division look harder and harder for the Yankees to snatch up. But then the beauty of baseball is that the best team on paper is seldom the champion. 162 hard fought, well earned games!

As for the Jets, it’s tricky. I was never a Tebow supporter from the start. Yeah, ok so maybe he had an awesome career as a Gator, but let’s face it….the NFL is a totally different style of play. I’m not supporting Sanchez here, believe me. But something seriously needs to be done and with the money owed to Mark, it’s hard to know the right approach to take. Things sure have changed since I worked at Jets Training Camp a few summers ago. The team was really rolling, things were looking up. Now, it looks like ’69 will be the number in the Jets fans head for a while.

The Gunners are in the midst of their season. They haven’t won a trophy in how many years? Yeah….that’s what I thought. We shall have to see how the rest of the year will roll. Maybe it can be nontraditional lucky ’13 for the squad.

Ahh and Syracuse. I have no fear that they will continue to dominate this season! The fact remains that March Madness is merely a crap shoot, so it’s really anyone’s game when it gets to that point. But that’s where half the fun comes in! It gives people like me half a shot at a successful bracket. As long as I don’t pick my teams based on cool sounding names, I should fair well (although I will always pick Gonzaga and Mizzou to go far if they make the tourney….such a good ring in those names!).

That should wrap up my doomy, gloomy, but awfully truthful rant about my horrendous sports teams!!

Ta ta for now 🙂


~ by wanderlust1011 on January 4, 2013.

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