Fantasy sports….a brief history.

Oh, one of the most joyous times of the year is nearly upon us. March Madness. I’ve come a long way when it comes to selecting my bracket, which dates back to my senior year at Ithaca (2009). At that point, my selection process was quite simplistic: pick the teams with the coolest sounding names to advance. If I remember correctly, that meant I picked 16 seed Chattanooga over 1 seed UConn. Hey, you never know. Although it’s hard to watch loads of games when you live in London, due to late start times (there are limits to how many games a year I allow myself to stay up until 3am for – most relegated to MLB and NFL – only a few to ‘Cuse Hoops), I have done a fair bit better with building my general knowledge of what is going on in NCAA Division I hoops. My brackets have become filled with well-educated picks and I even put some research into them.

What I have learned over the years though is a valuable lesson: it doesn’t matter. March Madness is a crap-shoot when it comes to winning the bracket. However, I will not divert from my plan of learning the league, following the teams, researching my butt off and making the most enlightened guesses possible, for the fact of the matter is that it’s better to look smart and then fail than to look dumb and then fail. At least you get a few glory moments.

This year I am particularly excited because I will be adding fantasy baseball to the mix! I’m nervous, since it’s my first year. I know I have nothing to fear. After all, I have been an avid baseball fan since before the age of 7 (now 25) and oversaw 5 fantasy baseball leagues while working for Major League Baseball International. I know my stuff, but there are just two road blocks: 1) I would have picked Grandy, but he’s out 10 weeks 2) I’m pretty sure I will become so obsessed with proving a girl can win that karma may bite me in the bum and cause me to crumble to pieces like a chocolate chip cookie. Mmmm foood. Oh wait, this is a sports post, don’t divert back into the world of food!

So to say I am not utterly, anxiously, excitedly anticipating the next few months would be an understatement.


~ by wanderlust1011 on February 27, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fantasy sports….a brief history.”

  1. I wish you the absolute best of luck. Its nice to see another woman getting into the game. I’ve been playing for a long time and covering baseball (real and fantasy) for Bleacher Report and several other sites for years now. I see some potential for collaboration between our blogs as I’m sure my readers would love to hear from a woman willing to dive into the world of fantasy baseball, and your blog might now draw other new fantasy players who would enjoy the occasional game strategy post to help them get better. Regardless, I look forward to hearing more about your experience.

    • Thanks so much, same to you! I’ve just had a quick look at your contributions to the Bleacher Report – will look into it more this weekend, when I have work off my brain! That’s so cool that you write for them. I feel like there aren’t enough of us women out there willing to take on the challenge of fantasy sports. But really, there is nothing to lose **especially when we actually know what we are talking about!** That would be fun to collaborate our blogs….I will study yours more closely and we can see where to go from there. As you probably noticed, my blog is a bit of a mish mash and covers food, sport and travel, but I am open-minded to having a bit more of an emphasis on fantasy sports. GO YANKEES!!

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