Football (both types), College Hoops & Baseball

Don’t ever put money on me to pick the best football squads. After suffering a disastrous season as a Jets (NFL) fan, I am now going through a similar fate with Arsenal (Premier League).

Perhaps it’s not that my squads are actually bad, it’s more that I insist on rooting for big market, high-pressure teams. Anyone else goes 6-10 for the season and isn’t located in New York and they are fine. People don’t start to worry unless it’s 4-12 or 2-14. But in NY, if you don’t win it all, you have failed. In quite the same way, anything short of a fourth place finish and a spot in the Champions League is deemed an insurmountable catastrophe to an Arsenal fan. Don’t even get me started on their lack-of-trophy situation.

Alas, there is hope in the form of non-football sports. Or is there? Syracuse still sits pretty as one of the top teams in the nation going into March Madness, but they have fallen quite a few notches in the rankings and the back-end of the season is home to the majority of the  squad’s losses. But as I have said before, and will say again, anything can happen in this tournament, hence the term March MADNESS! Surely part of the name derives from the MADNESS I display by trying to stay up and watch the games with a 5 hour time difference (I blame being single on the dark, under-eye circles caused by being an American sports fan in London).

And then their is a final glimmer of hope. The New York Yankees. Oh wait, isn’t half the roster +35 and/or injured? Even our GM Cashman is hurt – breaking his leg skydiving or whatever silly antics he was up to. At least it was for a good cause, which is of course commendable!

Perhaps I have been spoiled when it comes to my sports. It’s hardly the case that every team a fan supports falters in the same year! But it will have to be viewed as a good learning experience. After all, some people go a lifetime without seeing their team win a title/championship/trophy or oh dear, even a match!


~ by wanderlust1011 on March 6, 2013.

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