My laptop is about to crash & burn and so I have been living off my phone. I refuse to do a blog post from there — I hardly like sending emails. Not sure how people can do it all day. It makes my brain hurt.

Anyway, so YES! I went back to the promised land, AKA Italy. Upon returning to Viterbo, where I studied abroad years ago, I realized not much had changed. But as my friend pointed out, the city is already hundreds of years old, so really how much can happen in 5 years? Not much.

I found my knowledge of the streets pretty sharp with a few exceptions. I could not for the life of me find my favorite pizza place and after being lost about 30 minutes, I gave up. I mean my aunt was pressuring me to find food, or else I would have continued my quest. Usually this doesn’t happen to me – usually I give up and I’m a failure. But for once in my life, I quit, turned around and viola! There’s my restaurant. OK, so I still didn’t have all the luck in the world….it was closed. But alas, I got to take a picture :)!

Before getting entangled in the tricky back roads of Viterbo, which all look the same with beautiful cobblestone and the yellow-orange-ish buildings, I went to visit the square where I lived. It was always everyone’s favorite, as it overlooked fresh fruit markets during the week. I didn’t get to see this since I was there in the afternoon, but the memory quickly came back. I did see the meat shop below my apartment, that provided the fixings for the best cheese and meat sandwiches on earth. Oh, I love how the Italians can take three ingredients and make them more delicious than the Brits can do with 293582 (sorry, but I believe I am entitled to my own opinion!). The best part of it all was that I got to go back into my home!

How did this happen you may wonder?! Was I that creepy that I rang the bell? No no, I was pointing to the windows telling my aunt ‘that was my friends room, that was mine & Sarah’s and that is the kitchen’. This kind man saw me pointing and in his lovely Italian asked me why. I told him in my less-than-perfect Italian that I used to live there. So of course, as one would, he let me in. I met the sweet lady and her precious son who live there. She kept apologizing that it was a mess — I kept apologizing for being the freak who just barged in!!!!!

She even let me take photos of my room, which is now the kids room, and the bathroom and kitchen, which are exactly the same! Our apartment is no longer rented out to students, as we were too party-hardy. Shocking. The fact that the current resident still finds confetti when she cleans from when we had a party there is pretty awesome. It’s like we left a bit of our legacy behind. What a surreal moment. So many memories rushed back….mostly of wine and food induced joy and laughter. Also some not-so-great times, like when I stood staring out the window after saying good bye to my boyfriend for the last time ever until he faded in to the distance never to be seen again. Ahhh nostalgia. It has it’s moments.

And so, after an overwhelmingly wonderful day of wandering around the old home, I needed to unwind with some gelato. Nutella flavored goodness with cream and a cookie to boot can always mend the heart, if only temporarily. It was good enough.

I miss it already and refuse to let another five years stand between me and Viterbo.


~ by wanderlust1011 on April 7, 2013.

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