Take me out to the ballllll gammmmmme….

Trying to plan my first visit to Yankee Stadium in a lonnnng tim. Despite the abundance of joy I am feeling to see the Bronx Bombers live, instead of on my tinee tiny laptop at 3am, there is a bit of frustration that the game time for Old Timers’ Day still has not been released! My dad has always wanted to go, but also likes afternoon game (of course, the day before is an afternoon game). Decisions decisions….which one shall I take him to?

For me, I have no preference. Given that I’ll be unemployed upon my arrival back to America, I’ll have no job to wake up early for Monday morning. Nor would it matter anyway, since I’m so used to watching the games in the wee hours of the London morning. But, for daddy, I’ll make sacrifices!

Just as long as he buys me ice cream in a baseball cap, nachos and chicken fingers with fries, I will be happy as a kid on Christmas!


~ by wanderlust1011 on May 14, 2013.

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