lacking athleticism

We all know by now that I am a sports nut! But what comes as a surprise to many is that I can’t play sports to save my life. I just happen to be the least coordinated person I’ve ever met. That doesn’t mean I won’t give it a try – I love experimenting even when I don’t master the sport – one of the few areas where I fortunately lack competitiveness. Two weeks ago I went bowling and let’s just say my final games score of 101 left me elated. Who wouldn’t be thrilled when their other two postings were a 66 and 75? Despite an abundance of advice received to improve my form, I sadly excelled the most when I stuck to my original tactics of plopping the ball in the middle of the lane with the least amount of grace possible. Don’t get me started on my epic snowboarding fail this past Sunday. I’d only ever been skiing before, which was over a decade ago, so I knew taking on snowboarding would be a challenge. Let’s just say that after 4 hours I still couldn’t make it down the (itty bitty) bunny slope with out holding on to my abundantly patient instructor. He deserves a medal, an expensive steak dinner, a million dollars? Well, he had to settle for brownies for now.

What I can do is run and hike. I can hold my own at these two sports, I suppose because they involve an advanced form of walking, which I have been doing for over a quarter century after all. Wow, I’m old! I’d like to start getting involved with more 5k races in the local area if this snow ever stops burying the state of New York. Until then, I look forward to trying new sporting adventures and hope that my lack of athleticism doesn’t make people hesitant to invite me. It really works to their favor since they will be given a quick ego boost!

Anyway, back to what I do best – watching the Olympics and dreaming I was there….


~ by wanderlust1011 on February 19, 2014.

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