Peaches and Beaches


I refuse to go an entire year without being on a plane to start a new adventure. So when we booked our trip to Savannah, it was very convenient that we left three days before I would break my own traveling rule. I’d never really been to the south to experience the hospitality it is famous for. Florida doesn’t count….it’s chock full of ex-New Yorkers, who I have enough experience with.

It was shocking how friendly people were in Savannah. I mean, here in New York, everyone is critical of every little move you make. You can go out of your way to hold the door open for someone and they will still be in a huff for one reason or another. In the south, you could just walk on by and a stranger would smile and proclaim “good morning!”, for no reason at all. It was lovely.

Jen, who planned our itinerary, was able to squeeze all of our needs into a quick four day trip, which basically revolved around food. We started off with The Olde Pink House, which is noteworthy not just for its delicious southern cooking with a twist, but for its historical significance. We were even given a tour by greeter Marquel, who went out of his way to provide exceptional service and an abundance of enthusiasm. The experience actually made us worried that the rest of the trip would not measure up to The Olde Pink House. Of course this was not the case.

Some of the other notable points of the trip were eating at the Pirate House, going on a hearse ghost tour, honey tasting, samples of pralines and trying different peanuts, salts and seasonings. Did I mention that we ate a lot on this trip?! Let’s not forget about the open bottle policy. Not that we drink a ton, but it certainly came in handy. We were watching the England – Italy World Cup match at Molly MacPherson’s and finished our first drink with 15 minutes left. We were going to go straight to dinner when it ended and knew we didn’t have time to finish another, until the server reminded us we could take it to go! What a concept. That would never fly in NY.

We decided to go to Tybee Island. We immediately regretted not planning to stay there for a night to take advantage of all the shops, the beach and different restaurants like Fannies on the Beach. Next time. We were able to see the lighthouse, go to TYB Grill and even go on a dolphin tour. After taking 2385723 photos, I managed to get one where you can actually see a dolphin! It doesn’t help that we were totally distracted by the charming accent (and good looks) of our guide. Shame he was married ;).

We were able to visit several of the famous squares in the city, the Juliette Gordon Lowe house, a massive cemetery and so forth. Who knew Savannah had such and eerie past? We were literally walking over loads of dead bodies. Creepy! It was amazing to hear all of the stories. I never cared for history lessons in school, but all my traveling has brought it to life and made it so much more interesting and real.

Our trip ended on a bang, when we achieved “food coma” status at Mrs. Wilkes. This family style experience started with a long wait outside. Since the restaurant is only open from 11-2, people line up hours before hand to ensure they get in. We arrived at about 9:45 and were close to the front of the line. Thank God! You could smell the deliciousness while waiting, so I couldn’t imagine missing out on the first round of seating. To pass the time, we made friends with our fellow diners. We enjoyed an exciting game of Heads Up, where kids and adults alike shared a bunch of laughs.

When we were eventually seated, we ended up being placed with our new friends, which we had hoped for. They practically adopted us! What a fun family and awesome experience. The meal started with a blessing and then we ate endless amounts of biscuits with honey, fried chicken, pulled pork, mac and cheese, creamed corn, mashed potatoes with gravy and the list goes on and on. Good thing we had sweet tea to wash it all down! Since we obviously weren’t stuffed enough, we capped it off with peach cobbler, something I was craving all trip. I had just the tiniest space in my stomach left for it, but I made it work. Then we cleared our own plates, the least we could do after being treated so well. What a way to end our visit!

All in all, I would highly recommend Savannah. I must make a shout out to @VisitSavannah (twitter) for their suggestions and humorous interaction with us leading up to and throughout the trip. @VisitTybee was also super helpful and accommodating. Thanks to all who made our visit comfortable, memorable and yummy!


~ by wanderlust1011 on July 3, 2014.

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