4am shenanigans – Atlantic City Part One

We have no perception of time. Getting home from work at 6:15 turned into leaving Hoboken for Atlantic City at 6:15. He kind of forgot to take into account the time it would take me to shower, eat dinner, get dressed and take the train. Thank God for my rubber ducky shower cap that spared me from having to redo my hair. We never would have hit the roads.

By the time we met in Hobo, took the PATH to the Newport Mall and got lost in Sears looking for the bathroom, we were finally on our way. Well almost. We did get slowed down when the automatic door decided it was just there for show. It was 8:50 and we had a two hour car journey ahead of us. I’m surprised he still wanted to go. Maybe he didn’t, but he had already paid for the room.

For once, I didn’t sleep in the car. I felt bad snoozing while we were cruising. The adventure was fresh, we had only decided the night before to run away together! It was the first time I’d gone away with someone I am dating. I was too nervous to sleep, terrified of the inevitable drool that would ultimately dribble down my chin and end the trip before it even started. It was also hard to sleep after the paranoia set in that we were being chased by cops!

At 11:00 pm, two hours after my regularly scheduled bedtime, we made it….apparently to a cheerleading convention. After waiting in line to check-in with a slew of snobby moms and cranky daughters we were presented with our keys to our SMOKING ROOM. That is not what we asked for (nor what our reservation confirmation stated). Oh well, after walking through a sea of pot and cigarettes, we were off to the casino!

The night  started with drinks and roulette. Because time was obviously on our side all night, it took us forever to be attended to at the bar. It’s alright. We were dominating at the table. Between our sick set numbers, 20, 11, 2, basket (I think that is what he was saying….I just pretended I knew), and double zero, and my random pick each round, we were up in no time! Momentum was on our side.

The drinks hit me hard. I only had ramen for dinner. By the time we moved on to blackjack I was in my own little world, mesmerized by the bright, shiny lights. I lost track of the fact that our luck was turning. Apparently we weren’t the only ones. Someone took a hit with 18. He was clearly out of his mind.

We called it quits and were on the prowl for nourishment. Gambling can take a lot out of you! I got scolded in New Jersey for calling my New York cheese steak a Philly cheese steak. There was way too much geography going on for my brain to handle. Sleep deprived induced grumpiness set in and so we played trivia to pass the time while we waited anxiously and impatiently for our food to arrive. Twelve painstaking minutes later we were served. It was obviously time to call it a night. I think I tied a personal best – 4am. I don’t remember putting my pjs on and I definitely didn’t brush my teeth. Success.


~ by wanderlust1011 on January 20, 2015.

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