9:30 am wake up call – Atlantic City Part 2

Success. I slept until 9:30am. Another record! I hope his antics aren’t rubbing off on me. Who am I kidding, I’ve been dying to sleep past 6:00 forever. We were relaxed and calm, something I am not used to. I am an Italian, Catholic, New Yorker after all. Unjustified stress is my life!

We headed straight to the Borgata, hoping everything would go smoothly instead of unfold in the haphazard way of day one. Our routine was roulette, blackjack, bathroom, meet in the middle, roulette, blackjack….you get the gist. After making ourselves comfortable at a blackjack table, I really took a liking to the pink and white $2.50 chip. I didn’t care how much money he lost, as long as he could salvage the chip as a souvenir, I was content.

Down to the last $15, we had to get bailed out by our table mate to double the bet. This kept us alive. So alive I almost died from not having eaten breakfast! God forbid I should miss a meal. But I couldn’t break up the hot streak. Fortunately, the new dealer did just that, so after a long run, at least equivalent to a 5k, we decided to move on. We headed to the food court where I promptly inhaled a wrap and chips that warranted a perplexed “how do you fit it all in your tiny tummy?” reaction. The world will never know.

It was back to business. Bouncing between tables, going from hot to cold, lukewarm to chilly, we were in and out of the grove. I called seven at the last second and viola, it happened! Money in the bank! Then we hit 20 and it was all coming together. I got to stash all the money we were up. Let me tell you, those chips were even prettier – magenta with black. But there was no way I was about to walk out with a $100 memento. He likes me, but let’s not get carried away. The hype and excitement of the game diluted the nerves I felt that I would somehow manage to be mugged while carrying the pot of gold.

We were feeding off of each other. His numbers would pop up, my random picks made a few appearances. People were rallying behind us. It was almost like being at a sporting event, so I obviously felt right at home. And suddenly it happened. We were on our way out, up today, still down overall from the night before. There was just one little chip. The wheel was spinning, the “stop putting chips on the table” hand wave was just moments away. The pressure was on. “36….we never play 36 and it looks lonely”. I would be the person to play a number because it looks sad. We won! Nailed it. I felt like a hero! The surreal moment seems so fleeting, but I can’t imagine forgetting the number 36. It gave us new life.

But eventually we had to go home. Every now and then the real world beckons and we must leave the shimmery spotlight. Next stop….VEGAS! OK, maybe I should try AC again where I’m not just watching. But I have to admit, I made a pretty good sidekick. 20, 11, 2, basket, double zero. And 36.


~ by wanderlust1011 on January 21, 2015.

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