Making the most of it

I travel a lot for work – six weeks in five months so far – and although it is my favorite part of the job, it isn’t all fun and games. Forget dating, it’s nearly impossible when you’re on the road this much. I can’t even keep a guy around when I’m home, let alone when I am gone four of the eight weeks we’re dating. I wouldn’t date me either! So I can’t even be mad.

Despite the fact that these trips are completely exhausting, ranging from 70 to nearly 100 hour work weeks, I have learned a few tricks to make them more manageable.

  • Turn it into a mini vacation – I find it’s best to add a few days on to the beginning of the trip since by the end you’re basically too tired to function. I ended up getting to see Dallas, Fort Worth and Atlanta by this method!
  • Take advantage of the few opportunities to get out of the hotel – even if it means going to dinners with people you may not know very well or staying up way later than you should with the 5am wake up calls, it gives you the chance to experience the real weather instead of the 60 degree, windowless hotel frigidness. The per diem usually stretches better at a restaurant anyway, since room service has so many taxes, tips and gratuities added on! The food is better too since it’s not mass produced hotel food!
  • Don’t let the travel ruin your weekends and power through. Most of these trips start early Sunday morning and end late the following Friday. The weekend prior to the travel I consider more of a day off really, since Saturday is the only full day to enjoy. And when you get home on Friday/Saturday morning, crawling up in a ball to sleep seems like a legitimate use of time. It’s easy to fall into this pattern, but I have found that packing my limited free time with plans prevents me from missing out on life. I’d rather be tired on Monday than waste the weekend away.

Here’s a taste of my latest food adventure at The Flying Biscuit in Atlanta!



~ by wanderlust1011 on August 10, 2015.

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