Both of my football teams won this weekend – Arsenal & the Jets!!

Arsenal played Sunderland, which brings back fond memories of when I went to my one and only match, which was also between these two teams at the Emirates. Arsenal prevailed with two van Persie goals. Ahh the good old days! When didn’t they win when he was on the team?

Meanwhile, the Jets/Giants game was pretty dull the first half. I went to the local bar to watch since my friend was in town visiting and I didn’t have to feel awkward going by myself. Two locals were sitting next to us, one a Giants fan and the other a Jets. There was a lot of heckling back and forth and teasing that the Giants always crumble under pressure and the Jets never win until the last second. And that’s exactly what happened! The Giant’s season isn’t looking too promising other than the fact that they are in a mediocre at best division. The Jets are on the up and up, but let’s not get carried away – 1969 was a long time ago!

But perhaps the most exciting news of the day – the Patriots lost again! Sometimes the defeat of a team you don’t like is as satisfying as a victory for the team you are cheering for. As a Jets fan, I always root against the Pats thanks to the tense division rivalry. Deflategate only added fuel to the fire!

And so I am one happy camper with this weekend’s football results. The games have thoroughly distracted me. Time to fall asleep to the Colts/Steelers game.

Sweet dreams 🙂


~ by wanderlust1011 on December 7, 2015.

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