Food, glorious foooood

I have tried all types of food from Indian to Turkish, Portuguese to French, you name it. I am pretty adventurous and will try anything once. Tripe and black pudding will remain on my “I will never try this again “list, and I am glad I lived to tell the tale. Just the texture of tripe alone makes my stomach churn and the idea of eating congealed blood just doesn’t sit well.

There are things I actually like that I never would have expected, like mango lassi. I hate milk with a fiery hot burning passion, and although this drink is kind of creamy with a similar texture, I really enjoy its fruity, refreshing flavors. It’s more like a milkshake than milk itself. And I can handle milkshakes.

Although I have a diverse palate and many food cravings that vary on a daily basis, I must admit that I find it miraculous what Italians can do with just a handful of ingredients. It must have to do with the quality and freshness of their products, but somehow they manage to combine garlic, tomatoes, pasta and cheese to make a heavenly, simple meal.

When I lived in Italy, my apartment was above a meat shop and a deli. The fresh meat would be taken next door to the deli to make the most delicious sandwiches on the face of the earth. Literally bread, cheese and meat were the only three ingredients, but I could eat them forever and never get tired of them. I just don’t know how they did it.

My apartment also overlooked a produce market that was set up most days of the week. I could roll out of bed and grab breakfast on the way to class and it was actually healthy and nutritious, unlike my honey nut cheerios that leave me starving by 10am nowadays.

I love to cook and wish I had more time to whip together random recipes. It’s hard when you are cooking for just one person – there’s only so much you can freeze! I find myself eating the same two or three meals a week and loads of leftovers. I’m going to challenge myself to be more creative in the kitchen.

All this talk of food and I think a spoonful of Nutella is in order :).



~ by wanderlust1011 on December 13, 2015.

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