Women’s Travel Fest – NYC

The tables have turned! For the first time since becoming an event planner nearly a year and a half ago, I finally went to a conference that I didn’t plan in some capacity. And let me tell you, it’s a whole different world. For the first hour or so, I picked everything apart – like the fact that only generic confirmations were sent out, as opposed to ones specific to the day in which you were attending. I didn’t need Saturday’s information when I was only going Sunday, but I got it anyway! Then there were no directions as to when to register or where to proceed after getting your name badge (do we stay on the 17th floor for kick-off speech or proceed to the floor where our breakout was taking place?). Don’t get me started on the fact that the hotel’s A/V team couldn’t get the first presenter’s laptop hooked up to show her PowerPoint. Throw the timed agenda out the window! Maybe I can join the team to help out for next year – it must be so hard to execute when many may be volunteers who don’t have much experience in the industry. All in all, it went well with only a few hiccups!

The content was on point and the presenters were awesome, I am just shocked at how aware I was of these mini mishaps. I am sure that to the general attendee everything went smoothly, and this was also the smaller part of the overall meeting, so maybe more attention to detail was paid on Saturday. I’m impressed that I have come such a long way from when I first started in the industry and had no idea what to look for. I can honestly say that I could have planned and executed this meeting successfully! I may never be able to be an attendee like I was pre-event planning again and will constantly be critiquing and praising when appropriate. The branding, venue location (view especially) and overall friendliness of the volunteers and presenters won me over. Can’t wait to go to the next one!

The event lent itself to great insight into the world of travel – from how to enhance your digital media presence, learning about the importance of supporting other women by frequenting their local businesses when traveling (and in everyday life), to realizing that it’s OK to not want 2.5 kids and a white picket fence in the suburbs, I found the messages were both accurate and relatable. It is so difficult to find people who are on the same page as me, since most people I know don’t have a burning passion for travel. I’d say sometimes I feel like I am doing something wrong, longing for something that is impossible to obtain, and being foolish for thinking I might just be able to lead a life of travel. But now I feel inspired to shake the stigma, stand up for myself and do what makes me happy. The presentations may not have worked, but the words were enough.


~ by wanderlust1011 on March 8, 2016.

2 Responses to “Women’s Travel Fest – NYC”

  1. Alli, It was great meeting you on Sunday. Good Luck on boosting your social media presence and taking the leap to travel full time! I’m right with you!

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