‘Cuse Hoops – Final Four!!

For the eight years that I have made a March Madness bracket, I have chosen ‘Cuse to win it seven times since that is my team. Of course, this year I didn’t select them to win it all, because people always make fun of me when I do. Knowing my luck, this is the year Syracuse will become the champs! I will be happy nonetheless, but it will just prove that I am cursed :P!

The person who organizes my pool just informed me that I am just one of three (out of 101) people who selected Nova and Oklahoma to be in the Final Four! Look at me go. Now, I am waiting to see if UNC can hold off Notre Dame. I have UNC beating Oklahoma in the final, so this one is pretty important in terms of my bracket! However, I am going to be torn if UNC wins – do I root for Syracuse to win as a fan of the sport, or for UNC as a fan of the glory (and prize money) of winning the bracket?

To be honest, I don’t even know if I can get enough points to win anyway. I am not ranked very high in the standings, but my potentially solid Final Four may change my fate. This is why March Madness is so amazing – the unpredictability, the desire to root for teams early on, only to pray for them to lose later. Also, it is the perfect segue to baseball! God forbid I could survive without some sort of sport action in my life!

Can’t wait for to watch the Yankees for the next several months. But certainly not ready to wish March Madness away.

Go ‘Cuse!!!!


~ by wanderlust1011 on March 28, 2016.

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