Sport, food, travel and boys?!

Alright alright, I’m finally giving in and mentioning the new man in my life – ONLY because it ties in with the food portion of my blog post. We met just over a month ago and he totally Friends lined me on the first date AND didn’t give me a kiss good night, so I basically thought I was doomed. Let me refresh your memory and bring you back to when Monica said “Uh, No. Loosely translated, “we should do this again,” means “you will NEVER see me naked.” The worst part is that he said we should do this again after we spent the whole night talking about how much we love Friends! He should have known better….

Anyway, I put him in his place and now we’re hanging out multiple times a week, something that I am totally not accustomed to based on past failed dating attempts where we would have one “date” every three weeks. Last night I cooked for him for the first time and was so nervous! Parmesan crusted chicken, buttery mashed potatoes and crispy, crunchy broccoli rounded out the menu. I think it went well – four pieces of chicken later – and then we capped it off with Dairy Queen Blizzards. I usually eat the same three meals on rotation when I even have it in me to cook, so it felt good changing it up and not eating alone (and by eating, I mean inhaling).

In sports news, I actually made it pretty far with my bracket! Going into the final four, I still had three teams alive! All I needed was for UNC to beat Oklahoma in the final, but that can only happen if Oklahoma makes it. Which they did not. Obviously. It’s OK – I have already moved on to the next….baseball! In fact, the Yankees have the bases loaded with no outs in the bottom of the first right now! In May, I am going to a Mets game on Curtis Granderson socks day. The Grandy Man Can! More importantly, I am going to a Padres game when I am in San Diego next week, which brings me to the travel part of this post!

It’s been a while (by my standards) since I have been on a plane, all the way back in November. I fly to San Diego next Friday for a workation. I will have three days to myself to explore the city, catch a game, check out the zoo and eat! People keep asking me if my beau is coming, but 1) isn’t it too soon? 2) I like to travel alone – it’s liberating!

Anyway, busy season is in full force at work. Thanks goodness I have my baseball, boy and bestie to keep me sane amongst all the craziness!



~ by wanderlust1011 on April 6, 2016.

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