San Diego


I don’t understand why the entire world doesn’t live in San Diego. To put this into perspective, it was a couple of weeks ago that I went, but given my 60+ hour work weeks the last two in a row, I haven’t had time to write about my adventure.

My job brought me on the trek across the country from New Jersey to California and I took it upon myself to turn it into a workation, going out three days early to explore, relax and wander. I have always been an odd bird, but relaxation to me hardly comes in the form of sitting still. I get antsy and anxious when I am not out and about, so this trip allowed me to unwind Alli style. Of course there was a lot of food involved and even some sports!

When I arrived midday, I was initially flustered from a deluge of work emails that had accumulated over the course of my five hour flight. Because there is no such thing as a true day off in the society we live in today, I tackled the emails upon arrival to my hotel and then after an hour allowed myself to truly disconnect for the next two and a half days. I was staying right on the bay and even caught a glimpse of it from my hotel window. I started my journey in the Gaslamp area, noshing on tacos and blood orange cocktails, stopping in CVS for sunscreen because I had forgotten that the sun still shines in some parts of the country, and twisting and turning through unfamiliar streets until stumbling upon areas unfit for a single, touristy female.

Early Saturday morning, I walked along the bay with no destination in mind. I had been given tips from locals on where to go, but it was too early in the morning for anything to be open. I ended up in Seaport Village and realized I needed to rejig my agenda in order to fit this stop back in later in the day. It proved to be an ideal location to buy souvenirs! I ubered my way around town to Ocean Beach (AKA OB) which was a little more hippie than I had expected. The novelty wore off after a few hours, probably after a store owner pulled his gun out at me to show me the holster he had made for it out of illegal animal skin. Somehow I always manage to find myself in these silly situations!

In the evening, I ventured to the Padres game – what’s better than a 5:40pm start time (we don’t have that on the east coast!) and 75 degree weather. I thought, “perfect timing, this will be over early before the jet lag kicks in”. Little did I know it would go to the 14th inning and be the Padres first home win of the season! It was worth it though – I had great company in the people sitting on either side of me and continued the eating extravaganza with Mr. Softee in a plastic Padres baseball cap – which is now in my cubicle upside-down holding paper clips.

I rounded my trip out on Sunday with a brunch run to Hash House A Go Go. They weren’t kidding when they said only order one item because the portions are huge! Even I couldn’t finish it and I am a human garbage disposal! Entirely too full, I made my way to the San Diego Zoo where I made friends with some giraffes, elephants, polar bears and pandas. Not that I care to admit it but I took far to many selfies where the animals turned around mid snap and I got me with their bums in the background. Classy.

The one blip in my trip came after the zoo when I made my way to Balboa Park. It was the only time I could fit it into my schedule and the locals got me all pumped up because there were Earth Day celebrations underway. Word of advice – don’t go to festivals with 50,000 people (half of which are high and trying to get you to sign petitions to legalize pot) when you are alone in unfamiliar territory. Don’t get me wrong, the park was beautiful and I even bough handmade jewlery from a Peruvian artist (including an awesome ring that looks and feels like a Brillo pad), but it took my uber driver an hour to find me and my phone almost died. I had my charger but there was nowhere to juice up. The cops were terribly unhelpful in giving me advice as to where to tell my driver to meet me or if there were any areas with taxis in case I couldn’t find my driver. Rest assured, it all was straightened out, but it was a tense hour there!

After recovering from my unplanned mayhem in the park, I rounded out my workaction with a stop in La Jolla to see the seals and sea lions. Although the scenery was tranquil and inviting, the smell not so much. I then went for more tacos – all trips must start and end with them after all. That’s when I had guacamole covered in chunks of parmesan cheese. At that moment, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

And then just like that it was over. Back to grind. Like after every trip, I was left wondering – why do I only visit beautiful places but not actually live in one? If other people can live there, why can’t I?


~ by wanderlust1011 on May 4, 2016.

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