My day….

Let me tell you about my day.

It started with a massive headache due to the one beer I consumed in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day last night. It’s sad when your Friday night out consists of one drink and a 10pm bed time. I also woke to green highlighter all over my sheets and blanket – fell asleep doing my March Madness bracket.

Anyway, I made my way to the laundromat and for the first time in over two years none of the following occurred 1) money getting stolen by machine 2) machine being broken 3) machine saying there was one minute left but taking seven. I considered this my lucky day until I decided to go get my gel manicure removed.

I never get these, but because I was away for 11 days, it seemed most practical. I hate gels because they ruin my nails and it’s always so hard to find the time to get them removed. But three weeks later, there I was ready to be rid of them. I went when my clothes were in the dryer at the laundromat, so time was limited. I repeatedly said I just wanted the color off but no new manicure, yet they filed and buffed. But because I had given clear instructions, I was under the impression that all this fancy work was part of getting the color removed. I was in a rush and cut everything short and was charged for the full manicure AND polish remover. I guess my communication skills fell short and since I was paying for it anyway, I figured I’d get the full manicure. I had to rush to get my clothes out of the dryer and then headed back to get the nail salon. What a struggle.

And then another patron started telling me about the divorce she is going through and to never get married and it’s just an institution for men to maintain their power over women and that I can have babies without being married. And of course, that’s when yet another chimed in – don’t listen to her, I have been happily married for 25 years, your time will come (my favorite phrase).

I finally returned to my apartment and a lady waiting outside started grilling me about parking. I told her the limited spots around the building are first come first serve, but metered and otherwise you have to find a lot and pay monthly for a space because the town has absolutely horrendous parking options. Then another lady came, clearly a real estate agent, who the parking inquisitor apparently mistook me for. I think I may have lost the sale for the agent since I didn’t have glowing remarks about the parking situation and I also may have shed light into the lack of laundry facilities. I guess the potential renter would have found out sooner or later. The apartments are otherwise lovely.

All I wanted to do today was laundry and remove my gel manicure so I could be back in my apartment in time to watch March Madness. Instead, I got a manicure, a therapy session / lecture about marriage and men, and realized a new potential career path in real estate. And was five minutes late to the West Virginia / Notre Dame game.

Go West Virginia!


~ by wanderlust1011 on March 18, 2017.

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